Integrated Project Delivery™

If the construction industry is to make significant improvements in the end-to-end design and construction process, designers and constructors have to collaborate more closely with each other and with the client so that the product design and the production process evolve together. Designers can sometimes be unaware of how the decisions they make affect the production process (such as construction

Similarly, when constructors have a clear understanding of the design
concept they can help designers achieve it at minimum cost to the client. 
The earlier constructors are involved in the process, the more cost effective it will be to make changes to the design.

What can TCB do?

  • sites/default/files/shapeimage_3.pngwork with client/designers on the design of the design process
  • agree with the parties when to involve constructors
  • help identify additional opportunities that flow from changes in the process
  • facilitate the process
  • implement a short-term planning system to manage commitments in the design process.

Integrated Project Delivery is a trademark of the Lean Construction Institute