LDDS: Learning-led Design Delivery System™

LDDS is a comprehensive system for managing the key conversations and commitments necessary to deliver quality designs on time and within budget. We have Building Information Models (BIM) and data management systems, now we have a commitment management system, commitment to the actions that transform ideas and data into constructible design information.

Drawing on the conversations in Last Planner® and adapting them for the specific requirements of the design office, LDDS co-ordinates actions, builds trust and teamwork in the design team and closely links design outputs to all stakeholders' requirements for information for the design & construction process.

LDDS starts with client value, systematically and collaboratively develops commitments by and within the design team. The combination of long and short term work planning ensures that commitments are made in the knowledge of what can be done as well as what should be done.

The process is learning-led because decisions are based on evidence (rather than hunch) and

LDDS supports the design stages of the Lean Project Delivery SystemTM just as Last Planner supports the construction/assembly phases