Reliable production

Owners/Clients/end-users want reliable defect-free construction at least on-time & on budget

Constructors want to deliver projects early, under budget, injury and defect-free.

Their trade partners want predictable defect-free handovers of work from preceding trades

Is all this possible? Yes.

Is it possible consistently? Pretty much.

Is it guaranteed? No - and its hard work.

What's involved? Learning and applying a way of thinking about projects, collaborative project management with the Last Planner® System (or the Learning-led Design Delivery System) and rigorous attention to ensure that work can be done when the team want it done.

How much does it cost? It pays for itself.

Can we do this on our next project?

Yes - the returns on the first project will be small but as designer, constructor and trade partners get used to working together in this new way the returns to all will increase.

Can we do this on an existing project?

Yes - and if you have a project that is in delay you might be able to use this new way of working to recover some or all of the delay. Otherwise it is good to start with a new project.

Does it work with design and build?

Yes - applying the new way of working to Design & Build produces more benefits than using it just on the build. This is because many decisions that affect the build process are taken blindly at the design stage and usually it's too late to make changes when they become apparent before or during the build.

Has it been used elsewhere?

Yes - It is used with success in N&S America, India, Korea, Denmark, Germany and UK among other places.

Anything else?

Yes - the new management process is very much safer.

Studies in both Denmark and Chile accident rates down by 70-75% compared to rates on sites that do not use the approach in the same company. In Denmark they also found sickness absence reduced by up to 60%.

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