A3 thinking: A3 learning: A3 process: A3 report: K-Brief

How can a simple piece of paper be all of these things? (A3 is the international equivalent to US 11.5” x 17”)

The secret is in how you use the paper to build consensus for action — remember Liker’s principle 13 – Make decisions slowly by consensus, thoroughly considering all options; implement decisions rapidly (The Toyota Way) — in Toyota and a growing number of other organisations, including some in design and construction, the A3 process – yes it is a process – is key to making that happen.

To find out more read any of the books on this page.

Download the first two chapters of John Shook’s Managing to Learn here

Download John Shook’s Sloan Management Review article “Toyota’s Secret: The A3 Report” here (it’s free, but you will need to register)

sites/default/files/ReadySetDominate.jpgIn Ready, Set, Dominate Kennedy et al refer to A3s as K-briefs (short for knowledge briefs).  The book is in the form of a novel and includes good examples of the evolution and power of the A3 process – the A3 report or K-brief is the output from the process. The way it is produced is far more important than the output.

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