Choosing by advantages (CBA)

Choosing by advantages is a decision-making system that enables organisations, project teams and individuals to make more effective decisions. The system consists of definitions, models, principles and a suite of methods.

Decisions matter because they lead to actions & results. That’s why the method you use to make decisions matters.

By focusing on advantages CBA connects us with value by helping us focus on what is an advantage for the customer and supports Liker’s principle 13 make decisions slowly by consensus, thoroughly considering all options; implement rapidly.

CBA requires us to decide by focusing only on the attributes and valued advantages of the alternatives you have to choose between.

It is an improvement on weighing advantages and disadvantages because that results in double-counting and other mistakes - an advantage of one alternative is a disadvantage of another.

The drawback of considering pros and cons (not the same as advantages and disadvantages) is that they have a tendency to create polarisation and conflict.

CBA helps develop critical thinking skills while

  • clarifying operational definitions
  • focusing on advantages based on differences between critical attributes

and ensuring that decisions are

  • anchored in relevant data
  • based on the importance of advantages 

CBA outputs are easy to present in A3 reports