collaborative process-design facilitation

We have been involved in facilitating collaborative process design meetings and workshops for a number of clients.

These workshops typically take a whole day and involve the entire team in agreeing the work to be done, the inter-dependencies and how the delivery will be managed. Creating a commitment management system to support the delivery is a common requirement.

For example:

  • designing a process to get to financial close on a large MoD PFI project
  • workshop with a local authority to agree a development timetable and other details for a city centre site in multiple ownership
  • workshop to agree roles, responsibilities and timetable for submitting planning application on a large (2,500 home) edge-of-town mixed-use development.

This is a good way to begin a project and to help an existing project team get focused, aligned and back on track.

Some comments from previous participants:

  • very useful to bring team together, this assists effective working
  • very well organised with tangible results
  • v useful in avoiding common pitfalls
  • very positive experience
  • well facilitated tackling of problems
  • excellent! very useful & very important