Lean Construction

Lean construction is a different way of thinking about construction—whole system, value oriented, involving all in making improvements, eliminating waste and creating value for customers and end-users.

It requires a willingness to learn and to learn by making mistakes - so blame cultures and organisations run on command & control lines will fail to get it.


  • less hassle - this is a collaborative process, good planning is part of what we do.
  • more learning within projects and carried between projects
  • faster delivery - designs are more buildable as the production design emerges alongside the project design
  • more value for money
  • safer

These documents give more information about lean thinking applied to the end-to-end construction process

  • What does it mean to be lean.pdf
  • What-is-Integrated-Project-Delivery.pdf  or  What-is-Lean-Project-Delivery.pdf
  • section 12 of More-than-materials-Construction-Logistics-ECCL.pdf
  • why do projects on a lean basis? - read this article by Macomber and Howell

Getting started with lean

Lean is a journey.  There is no destination – you are in competition with the company that you know you can become and that is continually changing and developing.  As Dr. W Edwards Deming said “it doesn’t matter when you begin, so long as you start today.”  For ideas on how to get started click here.