Lean Design

To make significant improvements in the end-to-end construction process it is vital to begin working with the design and construction team right at the start of design.

Collaboration from the very start enables the whole team to focus on delivering what the client/owner wants in the easiest possible way.

Designers are not constructors. That is why it is important to involve constructors during the design process so that the production system design emerges alongside the product design so as to optimise buildability, design, cost and value.

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  • Integrated Project Delivery™
  • Study-Action Teams™
  • Relational contracting
  • business case development
  • target value design, set based design & design structure matrices
  • Integrated product-to-service delivery
  • Last Planner® System, Learning-led Design Delivery System™ & Responsibility-based Project Delivery™
  • integrating all the design disciplines - and that includes constructors!
  • planning design delivery processes
  • planning design and procurement processes